On Saturday, April 29, the GLC visited Veteran's Administration medical centers as part of a nationwide campaign by the National Cartoonists Society to show support for our military. It was a two-pronged effort, with central and southern Ohio GLC members traveling to the VA in Dayton, and northern Ohio members doing likewise at the VA in Brecksville, near Cleveland.

Here are a few snaps from the Dayton visit.


We were made very welcome. In fact, it's right there on the sign!

Here's our motley crew of scrawlers: Daryll Collins (kneeling), and, left to right: Jerry Dowling (Sports D'Art), Frank Pauer, Tony Cochran (Agnes), Craig Boldman (Archie), and Jeff Smith (Bone).

The idea was to visit with patients, chat and do sketches. Jerry was the first to grab a pen and dive in. The gentleman in the background, Mr. Cobb, has a mean left hook, we're told!

Jerry draws a patient from across the room.

They call Arthur the Spiderman. I don't think anyone explained why. Here he is with Jeff, who drew neither of the portraits being displayed! You'll recognize Jerry's drawing from the previous photo.

The room starts getting busy as more of the residents show curiosity.

Tony answers a request for a drawing of an angel.

The woman in purple is Sharon Croateau, Head of Volunteers at the Dayton VA. We don't have a name for the other woman yet. And of course you know Arthur, the Spiderman.

A few Archie sketches.


One of Jerry's subjects admires his drawing.

Seems like more chatting than drawing going on.