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A recent NewsBlurts item called attention to Chris Payne's latest citation for his fine body of work: The Reuben Division Award for Book Illustration. It was the second time Chris had won a Reuben, and we said so. Then, as an aside, we mentioned that two other members were two-time Reuben Division winners, one of those being Jim Borgman, for his work on Zits. Our source: NCS Central, Well and good.

But something nagged at us. Sleepless nights, tossing and turning. Finally we figured out what had been eating at our craw: Two Reubens? Surely, Jim had won an award for his editorial cartoon work as well at some point? This was a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, after all. So, we got on the web and did a little digging. Turns out the award listings on the NCS website are not as complete as they might be. The records there peter out around 1997.

So we looked elsewhere and found some info. For starters, it seems that at one point, Jim won a Reuben for "Outstanding Cartoonist Of The Year." Then he was chosen "Best Editorial Cartoonist in America" four times by the NCS, but we weren't sure if that honor was the same thing as a Reuben. On Jim's page at the Cincinnati Enquirer site, it says he won four Reubens, and at that point we started feeling that old "dazed and confused" sensation of which we've become so accustomed here in the DoS-U.

But that was the least of our problems. Once we broke through that 1997 barrier, the floodgates were open. We tumbled on to the fact that Glenn McCoy had won at least four trophies, and Dave Coverly had won some, and so on and so forth. The more we looked, the more we kept finding members with multiple awards. Not wanting to leave anybody out, we kept updating the NewsBlurts item. Consequently this "aside" began to outweigh the original point of the story about Chris winning his award. We finally stopped looking; we couldn't keep up. We had other vital stories to get on with, such as the one about the cartoon bearded lady getting married. If we've left somebody out of the list (and we're sure we have), we apologize. Apparently in the GLC, Reuben statues multiply like rabbits. You guys win awards; we just earn a few more column inches in the Department Of Screw-Ups.

If somebody would care to compile a comprehensive list of all GLC Reuben award winners, we'd love to see it and will post it. You can send it to us HERE. Until then, in the name of all that's holy, please stop winning all those awards!

Above image: Apologies to Rube Goldberg!

-- not for the first or last time --

Readers of the print edition of The GLyph (Vol. 1 Issue 1) enjoyed the following nifty drawing at the top of page 2: Our beloved mascot, GLyphie, expressing bafflement and outrage at the changes that had befallen his long-awaited Great Lakes Cartoonicator:

Rather, that's how the picture was supposed to look. Instead, what showed up in the print edition was something more like this:

While we admit that we did notice the new Fred Flintstone-like five o'clock shadow on the lower half of the mascot's face, we chalked it up to experimentation of the tonal pursuasion on the part of GLyphie's creator/artist, Daryll Collins. Who are we to question with the creator/ artist? But, we found out in a properly timely fashion (namely, after the newsletter got printed and mailed) that it wasn't experimentation. It was a Screw-Up. At some point in the process between Daryll's studio and ours, a layer or two went astray. You know, one of those computer things. It's all very technical, don't ask us to explain it. Makes our head throb.

If we'd studied the picture a little more closely, we might have wondered why one of GLyphie's hands is sunburnt and the other isn't. And why the tip of his lip is so pale compared to the rest of his mouth. That sky looks kind of threatening, too, come to think of it. Anyway, apologies to Daryll for the less than optimum result.

Incidentally, you can download a .pdf of the newsletter right HERE. (But it has the mistake in it too. Eyup.)

Above art: Daryll Collins

Until the next mortifying debacle,

Haplessly Yours,
Bizarro glYPHIE


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