The GLC made a great showing at the 60th Annual Reuben Awards Weekend May 26-28 in Chicago, Illinois. Over half the chapter, with spouses and kids, made the trip to the Renaissance Chicago Hotel. Two new members joined the ranks, and three members returned home with Reuben Division Awards. For the time being we'll be posting photos and notes here daily, so check back frequently.

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POSTED 5/30/06: This photo is out of sequence, but it seems like a good one to start things off with: A trio of GLC members, Mark Szorady, Polly Keener and David Coulson, add their voices to the cheering crowd at Saturday's phenomenal Memorial Day Parade with the Renaissance Hotel, site of the Reubens, as a backdrop.

Bonus photo: Here's a sample of what the cheering was about.

POSTED 5/31/06: On Thursday evening before the extravaganza, several of the cartoonists represented in the Chicago papers participated in a group book signing at the nearby Borders store. Lots of Reuben attendees showed up in support, but we'll get to them later. Here, from near to far: Dan Piraro (Bizarro); Darrin Bell (Candorville); Lynn Johnston (For Better Or Worse); Rick Kirkman (Baby Blues); Greg Evans [hidden] (Luann); Paul Gilligan (Pooch Cafe); Jef Mallett [hidden] (Frazz); and Mark Pett (Lucky Cow).

Bonus photo: Just a little bit of Chicago while we're at it. This is the view from Wacker Drive.

POSTED 6/1/06: We're still at the book store, where we find Bill Amend (Foxtrot) and a guy named Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey) chatting with a fan. Available again, after many years out of print, is Mort's classic "Backstage At The Strips."

POSTED 6/2/06: Continuing our bookstore visit, we find John Kovaleski (Bo Nanas) browsing the shelves with the ever-photogenic Jenny Robb of the OSU Cartoon Research Library.

Bonus photo: Here's a bird's-eye view of that Saturday parade.

POSTED 6/3/06: We'll get back to the bookstore, but for a moment let's peek in at the Renaissance Hotel down the block for a glimpse of Mad Magazine's Mort Drucker and wife Barbara hanging out in the lobby with Archie Comics' Stan Goldberg.

photo courtesy of Daryll and Marilyn Collins

Bonus photo: Another bit of Chicago cityscape.

POSTED 6/4/06: Jef Mallett was on hand to sign copies of the first collection of his strip, Frazz (Frazz: Live From Bryson Elementary). Jef's wife Patty letters the strip.

Bonus photo: Here's the front entrance of the site of this year's Reubens.

POSTED 6/5/06: José Delbo hosted the convention's tribute to the late Will Eisner. Among other things, José is an instructor at the famous Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

photo courtesy of Mark Szorady

Bonus photo: Another look at the surroundings, from the camera of Mark Szorady.

POSTED 6/6/06: Comics historian R.C. Harvey gabs with Amy Lago while GLC Secretary/Treasurer Ed Black listens in. We'll get to a proper pic of Amy later.

photo: Frank Mariani

Bonus photo: More from Mark, this time in front of the Chicago Tribune.

POSTED 6/7/06: Oops! Should have posted this one yesterday to mark Jim Borgman's 30 years at the Cincinnati Enquirer. However, we'll do it now, and show this sneak preview snapshot of Jim and wife Suzanne Soled at the Friday night Reuben cocktail party. Congratulations to Jim (and to Jim and Suzanne on their 3rd wedding anniversary!)

Bonus photo: Somebody is registering and picking up his bag of convention goodies. Who, I'm not sure, but I'm guessing his name starts with A-M.

Bonus photo: One of 'The Donald's' latest undertakings.

POSTED 6/8/06: With this photo of Speed Bump's Dave Coverly, we'll take a break from the bookstore pictures for a little while.

photo courtesy of Daryll and Marilyn Collins

POSTED 6/9/06: A traditional part of the Reubens weekend is the Friday evening NCS Welcome cocktail party. The fellow in green is C.F. Payne, who would pick up a Reuben Division Award. In the stripes, GLC co-chair Daryll Collins.





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