3/6/04: A week before the GLC meeting to judge the entries for the Reuben Comic Strip Division Award, a "pre-judging" meeting took place at Chapter Chair Steve Boreman's home in Columbus Ohio. This meeting afforded the entire membership an opportunity to look at the entries and offer their opinions and comments, and of course, to get together and trade smart remarks and eat food.

Photos: Bob Queen; Annotations: Steve Boreman

Roy Doty goes to see a man about a horse and runs into the next best thing, Julie Boreman's dog, Atlas.

Visiting cartoonist Brian Kraft, from Columbus gives Red and Rover the once-over.

Daryll Collins and Ed Black take up to the daunting task of reading through 64 cartoon strip entries in a single afternoon. 

The best job in the world: Mike Schroeck, Daryll Collins, Brian Kraft and Ed Black read comic strip entries from across the US and Canada (Ed, multi-tasking, is also enjoying some Stilton on a cracker).

Visiting animator, Mike Schroeck: "No matter how fast I flip them, none of these pictures move."

Ed Black and Frank Pauer jot down their thoughts about these comic strips, to be discussed the following week at the judging.

After much spinning and turning, Atlas achieves perfection...


Steve and Julie Boreman describe their great passion for walls painted "cashew." 

Darryll Collins reflects on a cartoon strip entry.

Atlas warms the feet of visiting animation director and storyboard artist Rafael Rosado.

Eyes on your own paper, everyone! 

Roy Doty shares a sneak peak of his new feature, Off the Cart Path. 

Daryll has either become deeply engrossed in a cartoon feature or has dribbled more root beer down his front. 

Frank listens as Steve B goes on about his collection of Boris Karloff memorabilia. 

Meanwhile, Mike Schroeck contemplates administering the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.