The 2007 Festival of Cartoon Art
Plot Threads : Storylines by Great Lakes Cartoonists

photos by Craig Boldman

Thurber House and its adjacent gallery are located at 77 Jefferson Ave, Columbus, OH.

We've heard many good comments in the wake of 2007 Festival of Cartoon Art: Graphic Storytelling, which took place in Columbus, Ohio on October 26 & 27. For a taste of what occurred, check out Mark Anderson's Blog HERE.

However, in this space we'll focus on 'our' part of the festivities. The Great Lakes Chapter of the NCS was called upon to organize an opening reception for early arrivals at the Thurber House Gallery on Thursday evening. Our response was an all-star exhibition of cartoon art by GLC members called Plot Threads, which showcased extended storylines and short continuities from strips and books.

Featured in the exhibition were sequences from: Frazz (Jef Mallett), The Pajama Diaries (Terri Libenson), Alien Baby (Craig Boldman), Flo & Friends (Jenny Campbell), Dream Hop (Jared Lee), Little Dog Lost (Steve Boreman), Super Sam (Daryll Collins), Agnes (Tony Cochran), Zits (Jim Borgman), and Dear Dudley (Jeff Stahler).

The exhibition runs until November 21, 2007 at Thurber House, and is open to the public by appointment. For info, contact Meg Brown at or telephone 614-464-1032, ext. 16.


Thursday eve. Here's a snapshot from the parking space outside the Thurber Center Gallery. Carol Shelton is the owner of this rolling cartoon collection.

6:00 p.m. The first guests start filtering in.

Stephanie Piro and, um, others. If anyone can I.D the unidentified people in any of these photos, we'll fill in the gaps as the info info becomes available.

Many thanks to the volunteer workers from Thurber House who helped make things run smoothly. From the left, Thurber House's Pat Shannon; Corey Leaman (Thurber HouseYoung Writers' Studio student), Meg Brown, and Nancy Manecke (Thurber House board member).

Rob Rogers (center) grazes.

In the blue shirt: Steve (Little Dog Lost) Boreman. In the red: Earl Musick.

The new NCS President, Jeff (Family Circus) Keane, banters with festival speaker Brian (Beetle Bailey) Walker.

A GLC regular, Jerry Dowling, with wife Geraldine.

Brian Walker and Earl Musick, joined by Roy (Wordless Workshop) Doty and cook book author Nancy Maar.

Terri (The Pajama Diaries) Libenson, Rina (Tina's Groove) Piccolo, Joe Wos and Ed Black. Joe is the mastermind behind the ToonSeum Gallery in Pittsburgh, which was a sponsor of our exhibition.

John (Bo Nanas) Kovaleski and Jan (Stone Soup) Eliot.

As you see, the place filled up nicely.

Rina Piccolo gets down to personalizing a handy large sheet of foamcore with a Tina's Groove drawing.