Saturday, October 7
Columbus, OH

Lots and lots of pictures were taken at the Fall GLC meeting, and we're gonna run 'em all! But, eh, not all at once. Here's the first batch -- More tomorrow. Or the next day.

Here's the place: Pig Iron Barbecue and Fish Shack in Columbus, Ohio.

First one through the door: Irv. He's not a cartoonist. He's just a nice guy.

Ah, here come some cartoonists. Vickie Cochran -- wait, she's not a cartoonist. But the guy behind her, Tony Cochran, he's definitely one. And Ron Hill, that's another one.

The Pajama Diaries creator, Terri Libenson, makes her first appearance at a GLC meeting. I think that's Daryll Collins behind her. Then Earl Musick (in the Ohio State shirt); Steve Boreman in the shocking green; Vickie and Tony; and finally chapter secretary and treasurer, Ed Black.

Ron Hill and Jerry Dowling get down to the serious business of scrutinizing artwork.

There's Ed Black again, plus new arrival Don Peoples.

Lucy Caswell, curator of the OSU Cartoon Research Library, brought a toy to play with. It's a vintage Steve Canyon aircraft launcher, which Lucy donated for some lucky person to win in the GLC raffle.

Tony and Vickie once again, decked out in their OSU gear. Big game with Bowling Green was gearing up while we conducted our official chapter business.

Our Guest of Honor (not to mention guest speaker) San Francisco cartoonist Keith Knight arrives straight from a speaking engagement elsewhere in town.

Earl has found a place to plant himself. In the background, we spot another GLC first-timer, Matt Feazell (in the yellow shirt), with some friends he brought from Hamtramck, Michigan.

There's Matt again, plus his friend Michaelangelo Cicerone, seated against a window which creates artistic effects (a.k.a. lighting problems) with the camera.