PHOTO SCRAPBOOK: the GLC at Mid-Ohio Con


GLC members crawled out from under their Thanksgiving leftovers to attend the midwest's premiere pop culture fest, Mid-Ohio Con, November 25-26, 2005. Organizer Roger Price graciously welcomed our chapter to the festivities. This year's convention was notable for at least two reasons: It marked the 25th year of the show's run, and it was the final year at the Columbus Hilton Easton. In 2006, the show will be relocated to the Columbus Convention Center.

Dan Collins and Tony Cochran set up shop. Dan came equipped with CDs of his cartoons to disribute, while Tony had copies of both Agnes book collections on display.

Across the room, Mid-Ohio Con veteran Dan Davis operates his own table, as he has done for the past several years.

Among the celebrity attendees: Bob Ingersoll, Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy.

Through the magic of bad photography, beloved GLC mascot GLyphie seems to be lodged in Craig Boldman's left nostril.

Elsewhere in the convention hall, Popfun Merchandising introduces their line of collectble tumblers, decorated with classic characters.

Fantasy model Nutopia drops by to give the table some desperately needed class.

Look, is that--? Could it be--? It is! Hi, Aquaman!

Al Tudor, on hand for the entire weekend, talks up his self-published comic, West Street Stories. On Sunday, Ron Hill came in with giveaway calendars promoting his Harry Slothe strip.

All kinds of creeps show up at these conventions.

Matt Feazell, mini-comics czar and creator of The Amazing Cynicalman.

Art Baltazar, creator of Patrick the Wolf Boy, seems unduly agitated by Dan Davis' visit to his table.

Bill Morrison, of The Simpsons/Bongo Comics, caught with his mouth full.

ACTOR is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance for needy comic book industry veterans.

With the arrival of Daryll Collins, the entire Sunday crew is in place; a force to be reckoned with!

Columbus' Channel 6 seems interested in what Al, Ron and Daryll (not pictured) are up to.