Thank each and all of you for taking the time last week to nominate GLC members to be chapter officers and for voting last weekend. 

It was a very good election. 

We had great participation, a lot of very positive and supportive comments by members throughout the chapter, and close but clear results. 

(HA! in your FACE, Federal Government!) 

The results of the historic 2005 Great Lakes Chapter election are as follows: 

CHAIR: Craig Boldman 

VICE CHAIR: Daryll Collins 


If you'll allow me, I'm going to wax a little chapter-patriotic here (official GLC anthem begins to play...) 

This was a really cool election. We had many nominations from all over the GLC region, showing the solid respect and support the chapter has for its members. The comments I read as the nominations came in were thoughtful and honest and respectful. It made me feel good about the confidence the chapter has in so many of its members. It also means we'll have good candidates to draw from for years to come, based on the interest of not only the chapter at large, but of the nominees as well. While the results were close - everyone had good solid support - they were decisive. So I'm proud to announce the new GLC officers of Craig, Daryll, and Ed. 

Their term will begin after the Reubens on June 1st, when the chapter coffers will be drained for the most elaborate inauguration ceremony Cincinnati Ohio has ever seen. In the meantime, lame duck Tony Cochran and I will be calling on you for one more event: Al "Mad Magazine" Feldstein's visit to central Ohio on May 1st. 

Thank you all again for your participation in electing our fine new officers. There's always reason to celebrate when a transfer of power goes down with so little bloodshed (Tony claims he suffered a paper cut, but Vicky says "oh, he's FINE!") 

- Steve B 

Steve Boreman,
Great Lakes Chapter Chair