Saturday, March 10
Akron, OH

The March 10 meeting of the Great Lakes Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society took place on a brisk Saturday afternoon at the Akron home of Polly and Bob Keener. Polly, of course, is the cartoonist of the Hamster Alley strip, distributed by DBR Media. This is not the first time Polly and Bob have agreed to let the chapter into their home, so we must be doing something right.

Reporting for duty, always vigilant, always ready to make change, was the chapter's Secretary/Treasurer, Ed Black.

There were more than just cartoonists in the house on this particular afternoon. Meet Polly's kid, Ted, and Ted's wife, Christine.

Ted owns a cello case. We don't know if he plays the cello, but he owns a cello case. A big white cello case, in a house filled with cartoonists. Do the math. One of the first to start drawing on it was chapter co-chair, Daryll Collins.

Also making the scene were Roy Doty and Jerry Dowling.

Not to mention Mark Szorady, who, I think, was taking a picture of Roy Doty and Jerry Dowling. Behind Mark, thee's Jerry's wife Geri.

Marilyn Collins; just a hint of Ron Hill, Frank Pauer, Earl Musick and Daryll. I think they were watching Mark Szorady take a picture of Roy Doty and Jerry Dowling.

Polly and Bob have two dogs, and I neglected to make a note of their names. But, here is Dog #1.

Ted provides an extra enticement for getting his cello case decorated.

Two special guest cartoonists, Tim Stefko and Steve Steiner, chat in the kitchen with Don and Polly.

The meeting is underway and Ron Hill has the floor. In the red shirt: Pittsburgh member Joe Wos, making his first appearance at a GLC meeting.

Don Peoples was on hand, and managed to snag an NCS t-shirt in the mighty GLC Raffle.

Now here's something you don't see every day: Roy Doty clenching a golf towel between his teeth.