St. Patrick's Day, 2007: GLC members from across the midwest gather at the Cincinnati home of Daryll and Marilyn Collins to judge the Greeting Card category of the Reuben Division Awards.

Photos: Daryll & Marilyn Collins; Annotations: Collins & Boldman

The first of the St. Patrick's Day visitors: Roy O'Doty, Frank O'Pauer and Janet O'Pauer.

Daryll O'Collins gets the entries ready for inspection. Craig O'Boldman, not a judge, just a busybody, appears in the first of many photos holding cans of liquid and/or leaning against things.

The judges start scrutinizing. Tony O'Cochran, Joe O'Wos, and Frank.

Jeff O'Stahler chews out a couple of fornicating squirrels doing what they shouldn't be doing in public view.

Quickly, Roy O'Doty puts a stop to their illicit behavior by hurling giant chunks of St. Patty's Day cookies at them. Jeff is relieved.

Daryll is puzzled by whatever is on TV while Roy waits with cookie for the next misbehaving squirrel sighting.

Roy eats a leprechaun.


You can tell these guys are serious about what they do. They have clipboards. There's Earl O'Musick with Jeff.

More judging; more leaning and drinking.

Chris Payne takes a brief break from judging...

...but jumps right back in.

Lots of divergent points of view get hammered out, and a consensus is reached. Hey look, there's Jerry O'Dowling.

Have I mentioned, Bob O'Queen was there?

Okay, back to that consensus.

Well, maybe not quite yet.