2010 Festival of Cartoon Arts Misc. Photos!

Thanks to Earl Musick and John Steventon for these photos of the Festival of Cartoon Arts!

Thursday, October 14 - Some Reception Photos

Mark Parisi and Dan Collins smile after lieing about their age to Janet Pauer

Craig Boldman keeps his taser ready just in case Bruce Chrislip gets any closer.

Dan Collins, Frank Pauer, Bill Holbrook, Ed Black and John Read are preparing a Laugh-In Skit ... veeeeerrrry innnnnterestink, but sshtupid.

The reception room grows silent as the beer "born-on" date has been discovered. 2007? Dude! Here we see Frank Mariani, Mike Lynch and Mark Parisi.

Brian Walker tries to get the dancing started ... but Hilary Price and the rest aren't buying it.

Is it just a coincidence that Earl Musick is standing in front of "Scenes of My Infint-hood?"

Tony and Vickie Cochran arrive at the reception by private jet (ramp behind them)

Vicki Collins (and Janet Pauer pictured earlier) makes a bunch of older people feel young again by carding them! A relief though, I thought I was being checked for the Senior Citizen's Discount.

Mmmm - Birthday cake! Should have been made out of brick, but no, just cake. ;)

3 Krazy Cats (okay, one for sure) - Garfield, Roy Doty and Nancy Maar. Roy is similing because he remembers when Krazy Kat was just a kitten.

Some Speakers, Lunches and Misc. Photos

Tony Cochran kick's off Friday's presentations at the FCA. Very funny stuff. The presentation was good too.

On Saturday Steve Breen shares his Obama caricature and some other funny anecdotes.

Thursday lunch with Bob Rich, Ed Black, Tom and Marie Stemmle and John Steventon enjoying a tastee but over-priced union lunch!

Saturday's Lunch was in the OSU Union's Cartoon Room (3rd Floor)

Tony shares one of the secrets of his success - exasperation (or napping or dreaming - I can't remember now). This is harder than it looks though! Not a comfortable position at all.

Gene Luen Yang discusses his graphic novel American Born Chinese. One strong influence is the famous Chinese legend(s) of the Monkey King.

Earl Musick attempts to impress Jean Schulz and Rose Marie McDaniel with a shirt he said he found in a store that had his name already on it. They didn't have the heart to tell him it was from the TV Show.

Dan Collins is enshrined in the Cartoon Room. This wax replica looks just like him!

This is just a small sample of the fun. Be sure to see Ron Hill's caricatures as well (click here).

Thanks again to Earl Musick and John Steventon for these photos!

John has some more photos of the event over on his Facebook Page (click here). Check them out!

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