The Great Lakes Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society gathered at the Rusty Bucket Corner Tavern in Dublin, Ohio on Sunday, September 9, to celebrate the momentous 85th birthday of the unsinkable Roy Doty. Here are a few snaps taken there -- More to be added as they come in.






Daryll Collins puts the finishing touches on a gift book of cartoonist drawings for Roy's 85th birthday. Over 35 cartoonists and colleagues from around the country sent sketches and e-mail greetings for inclusion.

The group arrives at the Rusty Bucket. Here we see Vickie and Tony Cochran, Frank Pauer, and in the back, Jeff Stahler.

Terri Libenson, Jim Mackey, Ed Black and, with that shirt, it could only be Joe Wos.

Here's a better look at Jeff Stahler, and Dan Collins.

Jerry and Geri Dowling.

Jim Mackey and Eric Hodsons are GLC guests from the Detroit area. Janet and Frank Pauer seem distracted by something.

Jenny Robb, of the OSU Cartoon Research Library, seated with Earl Musick and Dan.

The tavern TV has caught the attention of the Michigan guys .

Hey, our guest of honor showed up! Roy's holding a gift, a handsome piece of art by the chapter's kid sidekick, Seth Finlayson.

Roy and Jenny take a look at past and present works by Doty.


Terri, and Seth's mom, Sandy Finlayson.

Jenny and Roy.

Some cake to wash down that martini.

Roy looks pretty good, don't you think?

More Earl, more Dan.

Roy gives Frank and Janet a tour through his gift book.

Craig Boldman gets out from behind the camera to check out the contribution by Tony Cochran.

Lucy Caswell, curator of the OSU Cartoon Research Library.

Roy may look like he's winding down, but he's just thinking about getting to his drawing table and back to work.