On one hand it seems a little late to be running holiday-themed stories. On the other hand, some people in my neighborhood still have their Christmas lights up, so who's to say?

Several GLC members and spouses, namely Chris Payne, Jerry and Geraldine Dowling, Daryll and Marilyn Collins, and Craig Boldman, were among the partygoers at the annual illustrator's Christmas fiesta in Cincinnati Ohio. The event was held December 17 at the Isaac Walton League Hall, courtesy of illustrator Linda Bittner and husband Todd. Many other area cartoonists, illustrators, animators and sculptors, etc. were on the scene. Have a look!

Photos courtesy of Tad Barney / www.the-nose.com

Chris (C.F.) Payne with Mark Willenbrink. Mark is the co-author of Watercolor for the Absolute Beginner: A Clear and Easy Guide to Successful Painting (HERE). Chris, of course, needs no introduction. That little gray box in the back pumped out Christmas tunes and, though it's not apparent from this angle, the table behnd the boys held way too much food.

When I said 'cartoonists, illustrators, animators and sculptors, etc.,' I had Zak Morgan in mind as one of the 'etc.' Zak is a Grammy-nominated children's entertainer (HERE).

Jerry Dowling got what he wanted most for Christmas: A new moustache.

Illustrator Carol Schwartz (left), a recent addition to the Cincinnati art scene, and Cathy Barney smile for Cathy's husband, Tad, who took these photos.

Chuck Rekow is the illustrator of the just-released book, 'Kids' Letters to President Bush (HERE).' Anne Marie Rekow is a graphic designer for Southwestern Publishing.

Craig Boldman received the thing he most wanted for Christmas: A new nose band-aid.

Daryll Collins talks shop with Chuck Rekow.

The custom at this annual event is for attending artists bring in their latest work for scrutinization. Science Fiction illustrator David Michael Beck is scrutinizing some right now.

There's Dave Beck again, chatting with John Winter, who creates detailed miniatures for role-playing games.

Jan Warren, a Cincinnati artist who does medical illustration, chats with Geraldine Dowling, the wife of Jerry.