2016 Reuben Awards

Great Lakes Chapter (and More) Photos
from Memphis, TN

Memphis, Tennesee

The Mississippi River

... and a barge

The Peabody Ducks

Terri Libenson and Jenny Robb (above)

Terri and Mo Willems (right) ==>

Rob Armstrong and Wife atop the Peabody

Visit to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Rich and Jeff with Nick Meglin pretending not to know us ...

Tour of St. Jude's

Frank, et al, view a Statue of Danny Thomas

Cancer Patient Alphabet - of that cancer is like.

My favorite - Yucky ==>

Cartoonists admire the creativity of the exhibit. ;)

Drawing for the Kids!

Jerry Dowling

John Hambrock

Frank Pauer

Ed Steckley

Graham Harrop

Rich Diesslin

Maria Scrivan

Jeff Knurek

Greg Cravens

Rick Stomoski

John Kovaleski

Robb Armstrong
Rich and John Rock it (okay hired a publicist) ...

The Talks and the City (Beale Street, Gibson Guitars, etc)

Maria Scrivan

Sam Viviano, Nick Meglin, and Paul Coker

Bill Morrison and Sergio Aragones

Beale Street

More Beale Street

Gibson Guitars

Bob Rich plays a $4,000 Guitar

Friday Night Social Time

Marie and Tom Stemmle and Paul and Arlene Fell

Bob Rich

Corn on the Cobb

The 2016 Reuben Awards

Arlene and Paul Fell, Bob Rich, Jerry and Geri Dowling

Frank, Rich and Jerry

Not Phallic at All ... ;)

Terri Libenson Wins for Newspaper Comic Strip!

Michael Ramirez Wins the Overall Reuben

Bruce Higdon, Silver T-Square Winner
among other things arranged USO Tours

Paul Coker, Jr and John Rose
Paul won the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award

a Poster of the Cartoonists' table art was made and signed for St. Judes.

The Farwell Party at Graceland

Barbara Dale, Maria and Tom Stemmle -
Woodstock would be proud!


This house reminded one of everything 70's!

Apparently Willie Nelson made it

Anne and Kathryn Hambrock

John Hambrock and Kenny Durkin

Good Album Cover Idea - The Blues Brothers Sing Elvis' Greatest Hits

George Harrison and Paul McCartney ...

a Beatle's better choice ... (Bill and Kayre Morrison)

Sonny and Cher (Phil and Monica Judd)

Todd Clark, Rich Powell, Dan McConnell, Nick Meglin, Greg Cravens

Tom and Marie Stemmle

a giant free-form poster was created by Cartoonists for St. Judes.

Mural done by Greg Cravens for the Peabody Duck Penthouse

Photos courtesy of Rich Diesslin, Tom and Marie Stemmle, and various FB folks.

Photos from Hogan's Alley (click here)