GLC November Happenings:
Buckeye Book Fair and Husdon Presentation

Photo Log 11/12/2015

Buckeye Book Fair - Wooster

Hudson Library and Historical Society Presentation and Cook-Off (sort of)!


Thanks for the Pictures (from many sources - you know who you are <g>)!

A big thank you to each Buckeye Book Fair and Hudson Library event participants.

Tom Batiuk, Chip Bok, Tony Cochran, Dan Collins, Ron Hill, Earl Musick, Don Peoples, Mark Szorady and Polly made to the BBF in Wooster, Ohio
along with Tom Batiuk's collaborator, Chuck Ayers, and we sold out all the 60 copies of Toon Appetit that we had there (and could have sold a few more!).
We had Toon Appetit aprons and hats to draw on, too. It's a well run book fair with 100 authors and lovely books. The Wooster Daily Record also did a neat
article on us, with our caricatures in color, even.

The following week, Rich Diesslin, Ron Hill, Terri Libenson, Don Peoples, Mark Szorady and I met at the beautiful Hudson, Ohio library to do a program
on cartooning and on Toon Appetit. Participants were also able to sell their own books and art, and demonstrated with flip charts and power point presentations.
We also took food samples from Toon Appetit recipes that the audience could try - Terri's Turkish Green Beans, Rich's chocolate chip cookies, Don's swirly cream cheese
Brownies were very popular. Polly also made Lucy Caswell's Texas Pecan Pie and Vickie Collin's Broccoli Cheese Squares in addition to my Spinach Cashew salad and
Bob's Wall Street Chicken salad and Jodi, the librarian, did Rich's Macaroni and Cheese (a tour de force – the recipe serves one and she made it to serve 40 – must be good with math.)
Although 1/2 of the cartoonists do not know what a 10 minute presentation means (you know who you are! <g>)!

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