2015 Reuben Awards

Great Lakes Chapter Photos

Part of the big contingent of the Great Lakes Chapter members in D.C.:  Polly Keener,
Jeff Stahler, Chip Bo, Jenny Robb, Jim Borgman, Jeff Knurek, and Jef Mallett

Still trying to get the GLC contingent all in the same photo!  L-R: Ed Black, Polly Keener,
Jeff Knurek, Jeff Stahler,
Lucy Caswell, Dave Coverly, Terri Libenson, Don Peoples, Jef Mallett, Frank Pauer, Jim Borgman, and Paul Combs.

NCS participants in USO tours at the mustering-out ceremony for Tom Richmond, including GLC folks Paul Combs and Chip Bok.

Linda and Jeffy Van Amerongen with Greg Evans

Tom Gammil and GLC member Jim Borgman

David Folkman hard at work photographing everyone

Bob Keener and Chip Bok looking debonair

GLC folks Jeff Knurek and Jeff Caswell

Terri Libenson with Don Peoples and Frank Pauer in background

Gerri we understand ... you can't take him anywhere. ;)

Jeff Knurek and Jeff Stahler. Did you notice we have a lot of "Jeffs" in our chapter?

Don Peoples and Paul Combs, two handsome fellows.

Bob Keener in conversation with Jeani Stahler

Mike Ramirez with latest Reuben Award

GLC folks trying to line up for a group shot:  Don Peoples, Dave Coverly, Jim Borgman, Jef Mallet, Terri Libenson (in back) and Ed Black

The Three Amigos:
Dave Coverly, Jim Borgman, and Jef Mallett

Polly Keener, Jenny Robb, Frank and Janet Pauer

Chip and Debbie Bok

Chip Bok and Jenny Robb

"Axe-man" Frank Pauer on Haunted Party Night, Sunday

Picture Perfect Polly Photo Ops: Joe Wos, Chip Bok, Glen McCoy, and Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Mort Drucker
(who sponsored Polly Keener for NCS membership many years ago)

Photos courtesy of Polly Keener and Frank Pauer. Want to add yours? Email them to Rich!

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