Billy Ireland Museum
King of Comics Exhibit Opening
NCS Great Lakes Chapter Dinner

Curator Brian Walker welcomes folks to the King of Comics Exhibit at the Cartoon Library

Later Jim is ratted out by his peers and has to give back the Zippy the Pinhead original.

Hilary Price and Jeff Parker are featured.

Tom Gammill, Mort Walker, and Rik Kirkman enjoy the exhibit

First up are Hilary, Patrick McDonnell and Brendan Burford

Then Zits and Baby Blues cartoonists Jim and Rick (respectively) and writer/cartoonist Jerry are up

Apparently Jerry abandoned Nancy for his own creations, Caitlin assists in the intervention

And all seems forgiven!

Some GLC folks in attendance, Geri and Jerry Dowling, Earl Musick, Randy Rider and Jim Allen

Mike Peters with Lucy Caswell

Jeff Smith and Patrick McDonnell

Mark Szorady also apologizes to Nancy. Not sure why ...

GLC Dinner: David Coulson, Jenny, Steve Hamaker, Tom Gammill and Rich

John et al

Dawn and Daryll Collins with Ed Black

Abby Walker, Rich and Mike

Polly presents the Tim Rosenthal Chapter Volunteer Award to Frank for all his fine work for NCS!

Polly, Jeff and Earl discuss the raffel while Geri works her napkin bullfighter style!

Apparently Jim Borgman is looking to go a little Indiana Jones on the exhibit!

After that, Brian stands guard over the exhibit. One can't be too careful.

As are Mort Walker's works, here with Caitlin McGurk of the Cartoon Library.

Then Jenny Robb, Cartoon Library Director, kicks off the panel discussions for the afternoon ...

They discuss the use of odd colors in slides ...

Hosted by none other than Tom Gammill of the Doozies

They hug and make up

Interestingly Jerry gives Rick scripts to work up Baby Blues and rough sketches to Jim for Zits.

Frank and Janet Pauer and Polly Keener

Susie MacNelly and Jeff Stahler

Hilary Price and a fan discuss cartooning

John Steventon and Rich Diesslin buck tradition with "not a selfie" ...

The King Features power table: Bil Keane, Jerry, Brendan, Jeff, Patrick, and company!

Where's Jerry? Daryll? Jim? Mark? Waldo? ...

Mort and Mike

Jim and Jeff try to start a bald guy club

Earl photobombs Lucy's raffel picture

John and adoring fans take a nice load of new toys to give to charity. Thanks to all who brought some toys and to John for the great idea to do it! ;)

Even though everyone has gone for the evening, the stand-up comic in Earl won't let him pass up an open mic ...


Also introduced at this weekend's festivities ... the GLC Cookbook!

Photos thanks to the Caitlain McGurk and John Steventon!

Thanks to All for a Nice Evening!

Thank You Letter from Neighborhood House

for the Toy Donation from the GLC Dinner in December!
(click on letter to enlarge)


Thanks again to John and Anita Steventon for arranging this!