2013 Reuben Judging - Great Lakes Chapter!

at the Stately Keener Manor once again!

"No, I'm not going in there if there's cartoonists hanging around! They're nuts!"

"Yeah, well same to ya pal!"

"Who was at the door?" "I dunno, Jackie Gleason maybe?"

Earl and Don take a break to pose for the camera, because everyone loves a suck-up!

There are lots of cartoons to review in this category. Dan thinks "At least we're not posing for the camera ..."

No one said there'd be a test.


The colors are a bit distorted in this photo, but Polly is ready for St. Patty's day!

Ron breaks into his Shakespeare ...

Earl begs him to stop. The others agree!

Roy really getting into his work (as usual).

Daryll just glad he has a name tag in case he forgets his name.

"I'm not sure, he just wondered in
and sat there." explains Polly.

Jerry thinking to himself "Well this is crap, but so is that one! Where's that Marmaduke when you need him, that dog always makes me laugh!"

"Dear Diary, it started out like a normal day, then some cartoonist got together ..."
Chip and Jerry hard at work.

Not to be outdone, Chip, Ed and Paul all see who can stare the most intently at the page.

A great day of fun and tough decisions comes to a close! See you at the Reubens!

Photos courtesy of Mark Szorady, edited with commentary by Rich.

Also reference Jerry Dowling's BLOG for more photos and commentary of the event by someone who was actually there!