2013 Reuben Awards

Great Lakes Chapter Photos

Past and Present GLC Members in Attendance

Don't Darryl, Polly and Jerry look like they've just been caught doing something they shouldn't?

Ed shows off a camera the uses something he calls film. Weird.

Terri explains what she did in college ... most cartoonists could relate.

The Pauer Pack wait for Sinatra to join them.

Roy makes history again at the Reubens only this time by officially not lodging any complaints!

Dinner at the GLC VIP Table with Gerri, Jerry and Don.

Rich shares his Yingling Salad Dressing with Ed.

Gerri we understand ... you can't take him anywhere. ;)

Mark hatches a scheme that has Randy in deep contemplation and Don wishing he hadn't heard it.

Polly and Gerri classing up the place.

Roy really getting into his work (as usual).

Paul with some notable folks in the background as well. Notice this photo used eslewhere?

Mark Szorady Fulfills his Evening Long Dream of a Bald NCS Cartoonists Photo.
I've never been more proud <g>! Weird that GLC has a good showing here.

Photos courtesy of Rich Diesslin. Add yours to it (email them to him)!