Great Lakes Chapter Goes to
Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City


Photo Log 10/20/2013

The Cast of Characters from left to right: From the left: Brad and Caroline Ricca, Vickie Collins, Frank Pauer, Don Peoples, Ed Black, unidentified and John Webber

Frank begins the "Say Cheese" smile for the photo movement

followed by Don

and Chip Sansom

and Jon Hill

Michael Davis, Terri Libenson, kids, Dan and not illegal gambling going on behind them!

Ed dressing for success

Vickie, Frank, and Don. Frank: "Wow Vickie good punch." Don thinks, "wait to you feel this rubber band!"

John Weber with Ron Hill

Ron Hill with Brad Ricca and Gary Dumm.
Ron did not however successfully photobomb all the shots!

Enjoying some Mark and Chips (or vice versa) with their beer

Terri and Kids. Apparently there is more than one artist in the family. Dan and Michael chat in the back.

Victor Cimperman with Brad and Caroline Ricca

Laura and Gary Dumm

Gerry Shamray and his wife

Brad Ricca's lecture slide of Superman's leg

First, it was great to see so many Great Lakes Chapter members at our “Super Splendor Sunday” event in Cleveland’s Market Garden Brewery and Distillery.  Ron Hill did a wonderful job of arranging this event and his son John, the assistant brew master, even provided tours after our two excellent speakers, Brad Ricca (author of Super Boys, about Superman’s creators) and Gary Dumm, illustrator for Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor comic books.  We also enjoyed meeting several new “chapter friends”, including members of Northern Ohio Illustrators (NOIS).  Ed Black, who had recommended Brad as a speaker months ago, brought maps to “Superman” attractions in the area.

We enjoyed meeting Victor Cimperman (Cleveland Public Library graphic designer), John Weber (Video Editor and Producer of The Punchline), and Gerry Shamray (former illustrator for Harvey Pekar, as was Gary Dumm) and it was great to see Chip Sansom (cartoonist of The Born Loser) again.

Bob and I were there, too, but on the other side of the camera. The group shot shows the Super Splendor Sunday treat bags while folks waited for lunch and beer (it was the start of Beer Week in Cleveland). Note Ed Black's Siegal and Shuster Society shirt. We also had door prizes and sat next to big windows that showed the brewing vats at the Market Garden Brewery.


Thanks to Ron Hill for planning and coordinating this visit.
Thanks for the photos - if you have some more, get them to me and I'll post them.

Really annoyed by the commentary on this page? - complain to Earl Musick because once again he wasn't there <g>!
(note he didn't have anything to do with it but as vice-chair, he should get all the complaints)

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