Great Lakes Chapter Goes to
The Cincinnati VA

Photo Log 9/22/2013

The Primary Cast of Characters from left to right: From the left: Polly Keener of Hamster Alley, Craig Boldman of Archie comics, Michael Shaw’s friend who I will call "Bob," Mark Szorady who draws George, Michael Shaw of Shawtoons, Chip Bok who is an editorial cartoonist from Akron, Jerry Dowling known for his caricatures of sports figures (and more) is hiding behind Terri Libenson of Pajama Diaries, cartoonist and honorary playboy bunny Daryll Collins, nationally notable illustrator C. F. “Chris” Payne and Rich Diesslin who is simply Out to Lunch.

Polly looks just a little smug after challenging and beating everyone at basketball ...

Craig draws inspiration from this picture that apprently came with the frame, but hey, whatever works right!?

Michael Shaw works up an entire month's worth of panels just while waiting to get started! "Bob" observes the odd approach to drawing sideways and Terri practices her signature ...

Chris demonstrates his craft with red pencil ...

Here he shows us his impression of a deer in the headlights! Perhaps a little less red or caffine would be in order!

Here one of Chip Boks's Obama caricatures is demostrating the best way to apply for Obamacare ... (surrender and wiggle your ears)

Daryll, whose parents weren't too gooder at spelling names, does a self portrait. I think the ears are too small ...

He also proved that bunnies really do multiply rapidly!

Terri was pretty proud of the fact that she sorted all the books in alphabetical order faster than anyone else! Showoff. ;)

Mark is so proud of his newest phone, no one had the heart to tell him it was a calculator ...

Rich does his famous "deer in the headlights" pose, or is that the robot. In any event he seems to have trouble choosing a drawing tool.

Here, Jerry is caught selling out with a giant Diet Coke can and thinking to himself (I've to the VA coke endorsement market all to myself, hehe)!

While Mark demonstrates that he can spell his name, Craig draws Mark's pose to a snickering onlooker ...

Michael looks on in disbelief - "I wish I could draw butts like that" the thinks to himself.
This space is intentionally left blank ...

Thanks for the photos - if you have some more, get them to me and I'll post them. Of course there is no factual accuracy to the commentary acompanying the photos, but even though it was a big baseball and football day in Cincinnati, there was a very good showing. The cartoonists were also able to visit some folks in their rooms that couldn't make the group event. A good time was had by all! Thanks to all who participated an otherwise helped set up this event! Any complaints on this presentation should be sent to Earl Musick!

Thanks to Polly Keener and the Cincinnati VA for planning and coordinating this visit.

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