Glyphy Goes to Dayton!

Photo Log of the January 22nd GLC Meeting hosted by Frank and Janet Pauer!

Agenda: Lunch, Meeting, Rockwell Exhibit

Frank loses the bet that he could actually fit in the cabinet

Vickie, Vicky and Janet ... something's up, but just what is anyone's guess!

The living room has lively discussion and lots of drinking (water and pepsi anyway)!

Vickie wonders just how many times Tony has told that one!

Rich tells a joke that leaves the whole table confused and Jerry gets to carve the roast beast!

Later Frank has to send Jerry to the living room for being too rowdy. We're not really sure what happened!

Polly paints a quick piece of modern art. She calls this one "boot in 3 colors." Pretty cool. ;)

I was told bad things would happen if the whole picture was used, suffice it to say that Polly and Bob were showing off their novelty aprons! Yeah, that's the story and we're sticking to it.

The meeting continues with thumb wrestling, card signing and texting. Dan is waiting on the text from Don.

The raffle stack of goodies looks pretty good!

Earl wins and Paul Combs book goes first.

Lucy is saying "You know the problem with this book?! Not enough cartoons!" Gotta love it!

Back row: Don Peoples, Polly Keener, Paul Combs, Vickie and Tony Cochran, Janet and Frank Pauer, Earl Musick and Lucy Caswell
Front row: Dan Collins, Bob Queen, Randy Rider and Jerry Dowling!

For a more complete shot of the Aprons and Part II and III of the tour,
we take you to Jerry Dowlings Blog were he did a great job of capturing
the day including the Rockwell exhibit!

Jerry's Photo Tour of the Rockwell GLC Meeting (click on Part II and Part III):

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