NCS 2012 Reubens

GLC Chapter Highlights at the 2012 Rebens
Photos and commentary by Ed Black

Dan Collins proudly shows off his NCS t-shirt

Terri Libenson of Pajama Diaries with her husband Dave Davies

Rick Kirkman (right) reveals to Frank Pauer what type of pen he uses when drawing the syndicated Baby Blues feature

Our own Roy Doty looks so relaxed. He deserves it after doing all those drawings for the book on economics. He finished before the deadline too.

GLCer Peter Guren who draws the syndicated Ask Shagg breaks bread and drinks wine with Greg Evans, creator of Luann at the NCS cocktail party

GLCer Jim Davis draws his world reknowned character Garfield as he appeared when the strip first began June 19, 1973 in 41 papers. Now it's in over 2,000 papers.

A Jim Davis sketch of Garfield's foil, Odie ... or is Garfield foiled by Odie?

Lucy and Jeff Caswell. If they planned on heading for the casino in the hotel, then this must be a "before" shot. They are still smiling.

Ed Black gets the cold shoulder from Chad Carpenter creator of the hilarious Tundra strip. Not the traditional cold shoulder but he does live in Alaska where is gets so chilly not even Las Vega's desert heat can alleviate it completely. In fact, Chad lives in the town where a woman named Palin once occupied the mayor's office.

Winner of the Reuben award as Best Cartoonist of 2011: Tom Richmond of Mad Magazine. Tom is the fifth Mad artist to win it (including Mort Drucker, Sergio Aragones, Al Jaffee and Jack Davis). Tom is also the current NCS president.

In addition to Ed's fine photography, Hogan's Alley has a set of Reuben's photos on their blog at

and of course, Frank Pauer's most recent issue of the Cartoon!st magazine has a shot of
probably everyone in attendance.

Thanks to Ed for the great photos and commentary!

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