Great Lakes Chapter Meeting

Photo Log 3/4/2012

Reuben's Judging at Stately Keener Manor

Dan Collins shows off Roy Doty's latest book!

Ed Black, Frank Pauer, Ron Hill, and Don Peoples help themselves to the wonderful buffet lunch.

Polly Keener makes sure that everyone has enough to eat while Ron Hill, Frank Pauer, Ed Black, and Don Peoples continue to take advantage of their happy circumstance.

Whitney Keener with new Keener family member Bandit (or “Little Moose,” or “Ty” or “Puppy.” The name debate continues!)

Another round, please!

That was fast! Dan shows up with another round!

Don Peoples, Daryll Collins, and Ed Black recline after a very satisfying lunch.

On your mark, get set, VOTE!

Chip Bok and Terri Libenson listen to the rules for voting while Ed Black looks for his deluxe Sharpie.

Earl limbers up for the GLC limbo competition.

Daryll and Ron discuss one of the entries.

Roy Doty outlines his judging procedure to Polly. See Roy explain it at

Roy says "the heck with this, I haven't read the funnies yet!"

We had fun, but the judging was definitely serious business as Chip, Ed, and Terri give careful consideration to all entries.

Earl and Ron act out their favorite scenes from Days of Our Lives

Dan Collins picks up several entries and returns to his seat to for a thorough review.

Frank Pauer, Ed Black and Dan Collins give the finalists a closer look.

Really? That's pretty cheap for a kilo, I'll take 2!

Raffle time! Bob Keener draws winning tickets as Vicky Collins and Polly give away cartoon items.

Don Peoples poses with his winning item. It's a miniature leg lamp replica inspired by the movie A Christmas Story.

Man that Earl is sure camera shy!

Thanks to Mark Szorady for the pictures and pithy commentary!

It was another fun gathering and very productive!

Thanks to the Bob and Polly Keener for opening up their home to us
and the wonderful lunch and refreshments!

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