Great Lakes Chapter Goes to
The Cincinnati VA

Photo Log 4/22/2012

The Primary Cast of Characters from left to right:
JoAnn Norton (Visit Coordinator and VA Volunteer Services and Recreation Specialist), Craig Boldman, Terri Libenson, Daryll Collins, Jerry Dowling,
Chip Bok, Paul Combs, Polly Keener (Visit Planner and GLC Chapter Chairperson), Linda Smith (Head of the VA Hospital)

The brain trust of the visit meet prior to the festivities to get all their ducks in a row.

Polly presents Rich's mini-caricature to Ms. Smith.

Then the awesome almost life-sized caricature of Ms. Smith by Ron Hill!

Polly explains to JoAnn how you can actually draw using only a pair of reading glasses.

These ladies have been assigned to crowd control for Jerry. Everybody wants one of his caricatures.

Introductions begin with Jerry explaining the relationship between diet coke and patriotism ...

Rich explains that his caricatures will remind you of a Picaso - only you and he will know what it is ...

Paul thanked the vets for their service in healing cute little animals (kidding! - Paul, Chip and Craig have all done USO tours and enjoy any chance to visit) ...

Apparently Polly told Chip that this was actually a military drill so he showed up in uniform ... he led us in pre-show calisthentics ...

Here Craig tries to impersonate Terri (apparently his eyes turn red when he is joking) ...

Here the real Terri Libenson chats with a vet and draws some characters ...

Craig, having been made to sit by his own sign, draws some Archie characters ...

Polly has a hamster drawing contest with one of the guests ...

Daryll is explaining why all his caricatures look like cartoon dogs ...

Polly, Daryll, Jerry and Chip all provide some tutorials and demonstrations which were well recieved. Here Chip is doing his Ronald Reagan.

In addition to drawing at our tables (per Paul above), we also had a chance to visit some guest's rooms and chat, draw and/or give-away some cartoons.

Rich's crash course in caricature from Jerry and Polly is starting to pay off, this is his sketch of a cartoon dog. Fortunately he brought some toons to give out.

Jerry is really showing off here ... he has actually drawn these balloons (ribbons shown) in 3-D with a sharpie! That's next to impossible!

The guests and staff really seemed to appreciate our visit and, as you saw, they worked hard to provide many special touches (name signs and hand-made flag stands we got to keep) ... the handsome medallions were a lovely surprise.

Apparently, we were able to meet and sketch a large percentage patients from several floors, maybe about 70-80 total. JoAnn mentioned that several guests who made it a special point to come and visit. And Ms. Linda Smith, the head of the VA hospital, made the special trip to greet us which was quite an honor.

Thank you all for giving up a Sunday to do this event, for all being right on time, and for sending you bios, art samples for the posters, and art for the cartoon workbook they distributed and especially for meeting and entertaining the guests!


Thanks to JoAnn Norton for the photos and for coordinating a really fine reception for us!

Thanks to Polly Keener for planning and coordinating this visit.

For more photos and pithy commentary - visit Jerry's Blog

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